Dear Chess Friend,

"I am sure this will make you a much stronger chess tactician", writes Dutch FM Frank Erwich in the introduction of his book.

And I am sure he’s right. Erwich is a product of the famous Cor van Wijgerden school of chess training, and has been a professional teacher and trainer himself for many years.

During those years Erwich has conscientiously collected thousands of tactical fragments from tournament games by players ranging from elite GM’s to post-beginners.
For this book he made a careful selection of the positions that he knew from his practice to be the most clear and instructive. He structured the exercises by theme in chapters, and within those chapters by sub-themes in order of increasing difficulty.

A striking element of the book is that there is a special chapter where you are invited to take the opposite side, and need to defend against the tactics you have just mastered.

I know there are more tactics books around, but this one stands out because it is so intelligently, carefully and conscientiously assembled and presented. Everything is spot on. Also, we priced it (probably too low) at just €17.95.

Please have a look at Frank Erwich’s outstanding training manual for club players, the sample pages alone will make it worth your while.

Best wishes,

Allard Hoogland
New In Chess


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