This course focuses on strategic lessons for club players. 

All 30 exercises are based on the games of World Champion Magnus Carlsen. 

Experienced coaches Thomas Willemze and Frank Erwich have found clear examples to explain strategic principles which will help every ambitious chess player to better construct his own plans in a chess game. 

You will learn how to: 

- Gain access to a strong square 
- How to improve the coordination of your pieces 
- Gain space and use that to your advantage 
- When to exchange pieces - and when not 
- How to exploit a lead in development 
- How to use an open file 
- How to create a passed pawn 
- and much more

The authors: 

Thomas Willemze is a Dutch IM and experienced coach. He has published the manual: The Chess Toolbox. Practical Techniques Everyone Should Know. 

Frank Erwich is an experienced coach who has worked for the Dutch Chess federation. He has published more than a dozen New In Chess Tactics Training puzzle collections. 

And don't forget, we also have Magnus Carlsen - Tactics Training if you want to further your Magnus study.

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